Things to keep in mind while renovating a bathroom.

A beautifully decorated and clean toilet can be a refreshing experience for the host as well as a guest, as a bathroom is a place not everyone likes if it is not clean or tidy. Despite having a standard bathroom accessory like bathroom hooks, towel holders, bath tub, vanity mirror and a sink it is essential to know about the important accessories for hygiene and cleanliness. You cannot just start renovating your bathroom the way you want but there are multiple factors to keep in mind while doing so. Let us look at them one by one. 

What is your purpose? 

You should keep in mind the purpose of renovating your bathroom, do you want to increase the size of your existing bathroom or cutting it short to increase the room space, whatever reason you have always plan things accordingly to buy the stuff that suits your bathroom and complement each other. 

Keep in mind the space 

Space is the key element to consider when renovating your bathroom and buying essentials for it, like a long towel holder will never suit in a small, spaced bathroom and you have to get the shower curtains and shower set according to the height of the roof, similarly the alignment of the bathroom hooks will be according to the door or wall length and width where you are going to fix them. Awareness of the space is really essential to understand what exactly you are going to need and where are you going to place it. 

Right kind of material 

Just gathering design ideas and customization is just not enough in order to do a bathroom remodelling, it requires a lot of details than you may think, and those details are equally essential as planning the layout of the new bathroom design. Everything that is used in a bathroom requires a completely different set of textures and materials, the right kind of product will enhance the age of your renovated bathroom otherwise you are just throwing your money down the drain. 

Don’t over crowd 

It is not necessary that in order to have a beautifully designed bathroom you need to spend a lot of money. You may have often heard it that sometimes less is more, that means you have to understand that a crowded bathroom never looks appealing. Always go for the things you really think are extremely essential for a bathroom like towel holder, shower, sink, toilet seat, and bathroom hooks. Always coordinate things with the space of the bathroom. 

Keep in mind the budget 

You may think that a lavish bathroom design may cost you a lot, but this is not always true. You can always find things that complement your bathroom and really are on a budget. You just have to do a survey of market and compare the prices, do not always go for an expensive stuff in order to have a modern style beautiful bathroom rather go for elegance and good quality products. Do not take your expectations too far and always calculate your budget first before starting a new project. 

Colours and Lighting 

You may think that lighting is not really important and does not make a big difference, but you have to think again. A good lighting can change a person’s mood in seconds and also may your bathroom look more spacious. Warm lights will give a cosy ambience and a soft touch. Colour corrected day light is preferred for bathrooms for makeup applications and self-grooming as it is best done in the natural soft day light. In terms of colours and tiling always go for lighter and soft tone colours. They look more elegant and are not harsh on the eyes. Use the wall pain colour and tiles very carefully, you may have to do a little extra effort to play around different colours and decide what suits your bathroom the best

To be really honest, a bathroom is a place where a person goes to relax himself. Either going to freshen up, or fix your makeup, an elegant design and a carefully planned renovated bathroom will always give a pleasant experience to the user.