Things To Do Before Washing Your Car

If you have a car, one of the most regular things that you will do is have it washed. This could be washing the car yourself when you get some spare time at the weekend, or you might take it through the Sensha car wash on your way home from work. Whatever methods and however regularly you wash your car, there are certain things you should do before you actually start washing the vehicle. Getting into the habit of doing these things on a regular basis and before each wash will not only help you with organisation and good habits, but it will make sure that your car is being looked after as well as it possibly can be.


Check around the car

You should check around the car and inside the car to make sure there is no damage to it. One of the big problems that happen with a DIY car wash is that the people doing the wash don’t look carefully at any possible damage that has occurred to the car. This results in problems such as jet spraying the car too harshly and causing further damage to any rust or chipped paintwork that might be on the vehicle. If you’re taking your car to be washed elsewhere, don’t leave it up to the person doing the wash to discover – have a look yourself before you take it and then be sure to point it out to whoever is going to be washing your car. They won’t mind that you’ve pointed it out, in fact, they’ll be quite glad that you’re keeping them informed so that they don’t accidentally cause any damage to your vehicle.

Clear up inside your car

The person doing the wash on your car will be able to clear out any dust and general litter that you may be left on the floors and seats of your car, but not everything can be easily tidied up and removed. If you have any large or heavy items in your car, any clothing and other personal possessions, you should take them out of the car before taking it for a wash. You can always put them back in your car after the wash has taken place. Alternatively, you can put them in a corner at the back of your car and let the person washing your car know that they don’t need to touch that part of the car. This means less work for you moving things out of the car, and less work for them since they’ll be missing out a section!

Decide what type of wash you want

There’s not just one standard wash to get for your car – you can get all different types of cleans and washes, from a quick external spray to a full valet which will take around an hour. Before you take your car to get washed, think about how much work you want to go into it. A quick external wash can be done by yourself or other members of your household, while an internal valet and wax should be done by professionals if you want great results.