Why Is Aluminium Slat Fencing Useful? 

Slat fencing is used primarily for gardening purposes. Slat fencing is a type of wall, or in this case a fence, that allows for air to pass through. In general, using the right type of fence especially in a yard setting is very crucial and climate is the main factor. Slat fencing allows just that, this type of fencing keeps the garden cooler in hotter climates. Two materials used often during Slat fencing are wood and aluminium. Aluminium is known for its high-grade, quality material. Aluminium fences are used not only in residential areas, but in educational settings as well. There are many benefits of aluminium fencing as well as more specifically aluminium slat fencing. 

What is fencing in general? If we look back centuries when the concept emerged, it meant defence or protection. If we look at the use of a fence today it means exactly that. It is a boundary used around an area. That area is being a residential area or for example, a farm land. A fence protects from intrusion, sets a limit of access and/or creates boundaries. Fencing is done with various constructive materials like aluminium, wood, wrought iron as well as with electric wiring. As well as it has many types and styles. One of the types of fencing is called “aluminium slat fencing Perth.” 

Types of Fences 

Many different styles of fences are available to choose from. One category of fences includes, fences by function. For example, pool fences, garden fences, dog fences, privacy fences as well as security fences. Other styles that are available are, paddock and estate fences, split rail fences, picket fences, stockage fences as well as slat fences. Depending on the purpose of the fence one wants to put up is the type of fence that should be considered. For example sake, if someone owns a farm one would use rail fencing. If someone wanted a fence for their garden/yard they would use slat fencing.  

Typed of Fencing Material 

Several types of fencing materials are available to use. Some were mentioned previously, others include include vinyl, ornamental metal, cedar, composite, redwood, metal, masonry and last but not the least chain-link. There are different type of functions for each type of fence. Some fences are solely for decorative purposes, while other fences are put up for privacy purposes.  

Advantages of Aluminium  

There are many advantages of aluminium fencing. First, aluminium fencing is lighter in weight, but it gives the look of being heavy. Second, price wise aluminium is less expensive. Third, this type of material requires less maintenance, it does not rust. Fourth, for decorative purposes aluminium has a better range for finishes that include black, white, bronze and green as well to choose from. Fifth, wherever there may be aluminium fencing it raises the value of that property.  

Advantages of Slat Fences 

While there are many benefits of aluminum fences, there are also many benefits of the specific style of fencing called slat. The advantages include, one, a more uniformed and organized look of the landscape. Second, this type of fencing provides protection, like for children and animals. Third, vertical slat fences have only a few inches in between them that only allow a little bit of space to see through them. Hence, there are minimal privacy issues with this type of fence. Fourth, slat fences are easier to replace if needed. Lastly, like previously mentioned this type of fence is great for plants. There is a greater flow of air and they give the plants a stable back with circulation.  


Basically, fences are used for several reasons that include privacy, boundaries as well as protection. There are many types of material used for make fences. The material one uses depends on the purpose of the fence and the person’s budget. While some materials are costlier than others, some materials are costly in the beginning but have a low maintenance fee. Then there are some fences that need the constant maintenance. Aluminium fencing is affordable; it looks as good as steel and has a low maintenance fee with other advantages. Slat fencing which is done with materials like wood and aluminium, can be used for yards/gardens. Aluminium slat fencing allows air circulation, is used in areas that have a hotter climate which protects gardens/yards and also provides safety and privacy.