What To Do When Your Full-Time Staff Need Extra Resources

What do you do if somebody calls in sick or has to go on leave for an extended period and you have nobody within your permanent staff lined up to take over from them? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is hiring another full-time employee to line up for this job the next time it needs taking over. However, there are other solutions out there. Click around the internet or consult your local directory, or even liaise with friends and family and colleagues, and you will soon come to realise that the answer has been looking at you in the face for quite a while. 

It doesn’t have to be a permanent arrangement 

The temp agencies that are on offer these days are pretty impressive. They are flexible and adaptable to various needs, ready and willing to accommodate your last minute needs or needs that you know well ahead of time. Take for instance, any given day when a receptionist or a secretary is absent, and you really need to have your high volume of calls answered. You could phone the agency, explain to them your conundrum, and have them send over a replacement quickly. As time goes by, and you use their services again and again, the person of your choice won’t need further training, and will know what to do from the first minute. 

You might be on the other side of this circumstance too 

Perhaps you are looking for additional work and cannot, for whatever the reason might be, commit to working in a full-time capacity. Then, you would do well to get on the books and the records of such agencies. You can submit your professional background alongside a detailed CV, fill out some forms and sign some documents, and then you will be at their disposal. They could deploy you across hourly rates or daily rates, subject to your availability and your willingness to work certain times not others. 

Weekends are often in high demand on both ends 

From the hirer to the person who is looking to be hired, outside of Mondays and Fridays –  as in Saturdays and Sundays – can often expect the greater demand. For one, there are people looking for additional work outside of the regular day jobs and, secondly, those who have full-time staff with the weekend off might need additional resources spread across those additional two days within their seven-day business cycle. 

This will become a relationship, not a one-off experience 

You will probably find that in time to come you will develop a lengthy standing and stance with this sort of agency. Yes, there might be long periods when you need their services, but in prime holiday time brackets, when a lot of full-time employees are going on vacation, you will find yourself utilizing their service pretty frequently. You might even have four or five temps in your place of work at any given time, and this just makes for healthy and productive environment for one and for all.