What is the difference between emergency electricians and electrical contractors?

Confused in electrician and electrical contractor? 

Many people think that emergency electricians and electrical contractors are same. They confuse the work of both electricians and electrical contractors with each other. This is not true. They both are very different from one another. Their task and duties are in different domains. Electrical contractor is someone who provides you with the manpower to do the electrical work like electricians. The electricians are appointed by the electrical contractors based in Darlinghurst. They work on contract and then the electricians are sent to the clients who are in contact with and dealing with the contractor. These firms need to get license for their business. As dealing with the electricity needs to be done very carefully, professionals and experts are recommended to choose while hiring.  

Here are some points mentioned to make a difference between an emergency electrician and electrical contractors. 

Emergency electrician: 

Work of an electrician basically ranges from the repair, maintenance and installation if electrical devices. Always remember to ask for the license of your electrician before asking him to look after the electrical fault for which you have called him.  

A good electrician is one who is capable of dealing with the worse situations. Emergency electricians are basically hired for the repair or maintenance of already installed electrical devices. In case you have a sudden power failure, you can call an emergency electrician for emergency restoration to avoid any further damage.  

Emergency electricians need to be very quick. They may face a situation of electrical damage involving fumes, sparking and fire. Experienced and fully equipped electrician knows well how to deal with such situations. But if you are trying an inexperienced electrician then you are putting your life in danger along with his life. The main thing that makes an emergency electrician in Surry hills worthful is his quick response on calls and his communication access at any time.  

An experienced and professional electrician is capable of dealing and delivering his services in all kinds of situations without any difficulty. He will look for his previous work and makes it sure to avoid any hazardous situation in future. Electrical emergencies require every second to be counted. So, it is recommended to keep a licensed emergency electrician in your contact. 

Electrical contractors: 

In order to avoid any electrical hazards and keep you family safe, you need to hire the services of an experienced and professional electrical contractor who can look after all the electrical emergencies as well as safe installation of devices and wiring. An electrical contractor is responsible for the specialized construction work which involves designing, installing, maintaining and repairing electrical devices.  

There are different types of electrical contractors. 

  1. The one who deals with high voltage power transmission and distribution lines is called ‘’outside or line electrician’’. 
  1. The electrician who works within the boundaries of a property and supplies power to its structure is called ‘’insider contractors’’ 
  1. One who deals with the integration, installation and maintenance of low voltage power in called ‘’integrated building system contractors’’.   

The electrical contractors work on the construction and renovation of electrical systems with the team of its electricians. They also work on designing and construction of electrical systems for new buildings, their work also includes modification of wiring, rewiring and upgrading electrical systems. Electrical contractors must be aware of legal requirements and safety requirement in the installation of an electrical system.  

Electrical contractors are often asked to make a financial estimation of a project that is going to be started. They are responsible for the completion of a project within the given budget. In case of any changes while construction, its their responsibility to discuss all the pros and cons of the required changes in the project before its implementation. The electrical contractors provide you with electricians for the repairing and maintenance if you face any issue in the project that has been done by them. 

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