Want To Elevate Your SEO? Try These Smart Techniques

SEO as we know is known to be a methodology of ideas and strategies used to grow the organic visibility of a website on the internet. But, there is one word which you will never ever come across getting linked to SEO and that is ‘experimentation’.

Why is it?

Experimentation basically stands at the very forefront of SEO Australia. It is what will help the industry to move ahead. If there is no experimentation in the field of SEO, everyone would keep on changing keyword stuffing content and modify title tags from time to time. One very important reason why the industry has evolved is because even Google keeps evolving at different stages. As an experienced SEO professional, you need to ensure that they keep on checking various hypotheses. This will help you understand what is vital for Google and the customers.

Always understand that every website has its uniqueness and is unique. Every website will face different kinds of challenges.

With the help of a few SEO experiments you could end up with some great dramatic gains for your website. You can go through the following and reap benefits for your site.

Content Pruning

Probably every SEO until now has come across the phrase, “Content is King”. Sadly, this meaning has not been properly comprehended by many. For so many, all this means is, go ahead and keep creating more and more contents.

There are so many professional agencies which go through several pages with indexed pages. Even though the first priority for many would be to ensure more and more content is available, the prime thing you need to keep track of is analyse contents that are not required. Hence, get rid of pages that are redundant and not required, in the first place.

How would that be useful?

Google does score every page that is there on a site. All of this would eventually add in to your domain authority. In case you have tons of pages, but not high on value, this will end up devaluing the overall SEO strength of your site.

How to do it:

Ensure you collect all your URLs

There are several tools that you can use to get your indexed URLs together.

Link Metrics should be evaluated

Once when you have the URLs in hand, you must if possible get the URL Profiler downloaded. This will help you to get the data analysed quite quickly and effortlessly.

Analyse Your Data

Once when you are over, get the results downloaded in the spreadsheet and sort them out accurately. The pages should get listed with the corresponding link metrics and traffic metrics.

Deal with and Do Not Forsake Your Low-Value Pages

Evaluate and spot the pages on your site which have very less or no traffic at all. The pages here, in most cases, which have not generated enough traffic in the past ninety days, have not much value. It is not offering information and value to your customers. If not, they would generate traffic.

Before you get those pages de-indexed, ensure that they do not have several links pointed to them. In case they do have little traffic and some links too, it would be good to get them de-indexed.

User Experience Optimization (UX)

UX is quite an essential point to consider. It needs to get integrated into the company’s SEO tactic and approach. This kind of an experiment must never come to an end.

Ever since the algorithm of Google has evolved, it helps one understand better whether the searcher has a good or negative experience with a site. The better you understand the objective of your searcher you will be able to improve your site more. It will also get more engaging for the searcher. Hence ensure that you host surveys. Also from time to time, ask questions from your customers. Try to get feedbacks and host polls. All this will turn out being beneficial for you, as you can take a step closer towards understanding what your customers prefer.