Things To Consider While Monitoring Blood Glucose


Checking and monitoring on to one’s sugar levels could be a quite extensive and cringy task considering it could scare people to a great extent. But goes without saying that it is a good way to keep a check on your health and to adjust your lifestyle accordingly to make it more healthy and rewarding. There was a time when monitoring blood sugar levels used to be a daunting process but with the advancement in information technology, things have changed rather transformed for good. Now it is a lot easier to keep a check on your blood’s glucose level as there are different types of manual as well as digital monitors available to make things easier and less painful. On one end where this is a great contribution to technology, the other hand same thing has made the whole market bombarded with different brands selling various types of monitors to lure customers. It is therefore important that you make your purchase from a reliable vendor and for a known brand in order to ensure that your monitor is consistent and accurate.  

Team Med is a good addition in this regard across Australia when it comes to providing top-notch, authentic and consistently performing machines to check one’s sugar levels. However, it is not about the machine only but there are proper before and after processes that one must opt out for very correctly else it could mislead the process. Considering that many people do not take care of the things that they must follow while checking their sugar levels, below are given a few tips to help you get through that, such as: 

Don’t Prick On Pads Or Edges 

As most of the nerve endings are at the pads or tips of the fingers, therefore, it is suggested to not take blood out for your blood glucose monitors from these areas. One should opt for the areas between the mid of the nail bed to the top of it. This will make you feel less uncomfortable and in pain. Many people find this to be a very handy tip especially for those who have to keep a check on their sugar levels on a constant basis.  

Setting of Monitor 

Most of the modern glucometers do not require a huge sample of blood to take the accurate reading of sugar levels. You need to see your lancing device for this purpose to check if it has numbers on it or blood droplets, the more the droplets are given or the higher the number is there then it would indicate the penetration of needle underneath the skin. You need to check your device before purchasing as nowadays accurate reading does not require to be taken a huge amount of blood being taken through the monitor. 

Change Needles After Use 

You must not use the same needle more than once, you must dispose of it once you have checked your glucose level. Reusing it would trigger a whole new slew of problems for you besides, you would be in pain and discomfort because needles once used become very weak. When you reuse them, they irk you with a possibility of breaking off underneath your skin. Therefore, you must avoid reusing the needles. Ideally, have your own blood sugar monitor to keep a check on it.  

Milk The Blood Out of Finger 

You must not squeeze your finger in order to take the blood out of it, this could turn out to be very painful and disturbing. Instead, you can route the blood towards the end of your fingers by stroking it at the middle of your palms to serve the purpose at hand. Also, it would be easier for you to drip the blood on the blood glucose monitors when it is accumulated at the right place at the time of pricking it with the needle.  

Alternate Site Testing 

Generally one must take the blood from fingers in order to get an accurate and more valuable reading but if you’re too scared to do so then alternate site testing could be done. Palms, forearms, and thighs are preferred places for this purpose provided you are not a blood sugar patient else it is recommended to opt for the fingers. Moreover, it is better to go for the alternate site testing than not testing at all.