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Things A Home Buyer Must Look For When Inspecting A House

Buying a home is no child’s play and is usually done after planning and saving for a considerable period of time (often years) in order to make the purchase. While buying a home is such a big stepping stone in your life’s growth chart, you do not want to make this decision in a hurry just so that you have to regret your choice later on. It is recommended to take your time and thoroughly inspect the prospective property you wish to purchase before going ahead and signing the cheque.  

There are a number of things you need to consider while inspecting a house. Better still, you can employ the services of pre purchase property inspections Mornington Peninsula who have the knowledge as well as years of experience to carry out an inspection expertly. Considering how minutely and thoroughly the Building Master Inspections professionals will carry out the inspection, it is an expense worth every penny.  

Once you have found the house that appeals to you after rejecting several, you must go ahead with the inspection either yourself or from a professional.  

What exactly does an inspection of a house entail?  

The basic checklist for the inspection of a house includes looking at –  

  • The foundation  

The foundation of the house needs to be sturdy and thus must be inspected closely. Things to look for include shifts or cracks that might be present in the foundation inside the house as well as those present outside along the foundation. Also check for any trees encroaching the foundation on the outside. Look at the ceiling as well as the base of the house’s walls for any deformities or cracks throughout the house.  

  • The exterior  

Inspect the exterior of the house too, checking if the house might need a repaint anytime soon or any immediate repairs especially the asbestos sheets used on the exterior which are now found to be a health hazard if requiring repairs. Other things to look for in the exterior include gutters that need to enclose and absence of any unattached or loose wires and boards.  

  • The basement  

The basement is often not checked properly while inspecting the home on your own, but inspectors will look for aspects such as if there is any dampness in the basement or if the place is insulated adequately.  

  • The electrical work  

This is a very vital aspect to inspect such as are all the wirings well insulated, whether the outlets are grounded, and if all the switches work. Also check if the current panel is updated and there is room for expansion for any additional gadgets or appliances that might need to be fitted or if there is scope for a remodel in the future. Additionally check the appliances that come with the house, if the work, how old are they and their working condition.  

  • The plumbing  

The plumbing system along with the sewer line needs to be checked for cracks, leakages or if there is any noise which is unusual or if there are any malfunctions.  

Other aspects that need to be checked include 

  • The attic  
  • Presence of any odors  
  • The heating and cooling system  
  • The roof and roofing  
  • Presence of any leakages  
  • The lot is free of soggy-ness  
  • Presence of drainage away from the house  
  • Presence of any joints deteriorating  
  • Presence of any timber rotting  

This professional inspection will help determine the exact condition of the house helping make a good deal and great decision.