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No one really wants to have a lawyer on standby. Nobody expects them to get into a situation where they will have to call upon lawyers for legal help in order to file for or get them out of a legal suit. Other than that it is extremely difficult to find a sincere lawyer for times when you actually need one. Therefore, you are unprepared for a legal case and then you find out that you don’t even have a sincere and honest lawyer representing you, how would you feel? Helpless, right?

We have the solution for you right here in the form of an honest and sincere law firm who ensure that they will be representing you in the more ethical and professional way. The firm was started by a man by the name of Mark Streeter who has over 20 years of experience under his belt who is the senior most lawyer in the firm and the founder of the firm. The firm is called Streeterlaw, and they are here to help you out with whatever legal issues you may have and need to be tended to. They work on everything from family law, commercial, debts and disputes, and wills.

For all your family and domestic issues you can always contact StreeterLaw as your family law solicitors Sydney.  Unfortunately, the most common issue with family law is the dissolution of marriage. Unlike in previous times when getting a divorce was somewhat of a taboo and cause for social rejections, modern divorce is considerably easier to go about than it was even 50 years ago.
With alternatives to marriage in modern industrial society, men and women no longer see the stigma attached to living together before a marriage. Moreover, people that meet each other after the divorce of a spouse and start a reconstituted family, are also on the rise. The Australian Bureau of Statistics conducted a study in 2016 on the number of marriages and divorces up till the year 2016.

With the breakdown of marriage comes the decision of the distribution of financial matters as well. StreeterLaw is capable of handling such a situation, in fact, it is one of the highlighted issues which they commonly deal with on their website. Moreover, the maintenance of and adherence to the previously agreed upon prenuptial agreements also have to be tended to. Making sure that both parties adhere to the terms and conditions which they both signed on before engaging in the partnership of marriage. These family law solicitors will ensure that there is a fair settlement between the two parties and ensure that the pre-nuptials are followed as they were intended to be at the beginning of the marriage.  

Another very difficult topic for people filing for divorce to handle is the concept of custody for the children below the age of 18. As draining as a divorce can be, no one wants to worry about the possibility of losing their children in the bargain.

Moreover, the decision of how much child support to pay the spouse with the primary custody is also a major topic of concern for both the people involved in the divorce.
You can count in Streeter family law solicitors in order to get you the reliable and most fair decision out of the court. One which will be legally binding and secure in the eyes of the law.  

They also cover other kinds of laws and legal disputes which any average person could run into and get caught up in their life. You can browse through the categories which they talk about on their website and gauge whether you can consider them for other legal disputes which you may be facing or see yourself running into in the near future. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

As you know everyone’s family struggle is different and unique, however, StreeterLaw ensures that they will be there to help out as much as they can.