Scoring The Toughest Galaxy Cases


Smartphones are expensive investments, making it mandatory for the owners to do something for the protection and safety of the device. Today these devices have been used to run a world around an individual, one cannot do without a smartphone to get done with the routine tasks of communication and commercialisation. With the passage of time, these devices have been becoming more advanced, sleeker and fragile, making it necessary more than ever to safeguard the physical condition of the phone. Samsung is the world’s largest seller when it comes to selling android phones, its smart devices have surely won hearts of many across the globe but when it comes to its advance devices or galaxy series, then goes without saying, protection is mandatory as the designs are sleeker, more expensive and delicate. There are many case manufacturers crossover who have been making protective cases for Samsung devices due to the market demand so it is safe to say that you can find any kind of cover for your device in the market depending upon the features or functionalities that you want. Case Buddy has been doing a great job in this regard, as you can find a range of cover, cases, and accessories for your mobile devices just a few clicks away from your screen. They have housed specialised covers to suffice the needs of clients as per their respective taste buds.  

When a person has been trading off between strength or protection of the phone and the outlook of it then there’s a sacrifice of another feature because you cannot have both at the same time. As Galaxy phones tend to be expensive therefore, below are given a few cover options which can protect the phone with all its strength and toughness, such as: 

Lifeproof Series 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case is a difficult one to score which would vouch for the protection of your phone. Though the machine is said to be water resistant not always, life proof cases offer added layer of protection to the device by offering top-notch water resistant, military grade drop test, dirt resistance, and screen protection. It is costlier than other cases but when it comes to the strength of it then it is completely worth it.  

Otterbox Defenders 

These come in double or triple layer protection for the Galaxy phone while making it safe during the accidental drop or scratch free. The only downside is it does not come with water resistant features but as Samsung phones are already water resistant to a good extent so you might not have to worry about missing out on this feature. It has a rubber body layer in addition to having polycarbonate shell as well, vouching for its strength to the core. 

Spigen Armor 

One of the toughest buy Samsung Galaxy case online maker as their prime focus is on protecting the device from the damage of dropping off. It also comes with layered protection for the phone while having the main emphasis on the corners as these tend to be the most fragile areas which once got cracked, could damage the mobile to a great extent. Moreover, it is slightly mounted towards the camera lens area in order to keep it from getting scratches so you would not have to compromise on the quality of photos.  

Ghostek Atomic Series 

It is relatively new in the market, but has raving reviews as it tends to seal the phone completely inclusive of its protection screen, also it is said to be water resistant for up to 1 meter dip, it also has aluminum based edges to protect the phone once it falls off the hands on the ground. The only downside which has been registered about the phone is the poor quality material as the plastic gives flimsy feel which a customer does not want especially after spending hundreds of dollars for its Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case.  

UAG Metropolis 

If you are into protection with a folio cover then Urban Armor Gear is your safe bet as it is famous for its protection while the flip on cover only is an add-on. However, it is advised to install a tempered glass protection cover on the screen as it does not offer any protection to the screen. But like other case options, it provides military-grade protection during accidental drops, protects the camera lens and also keeps the corners intact in most cases.  

Lastly, the best way out to score a good case or cover for your Samsung device is to figure out the features that you want in the device, prioritize them and then look out through extensive research for viable options.