Safety Tips For Log Fire Heaters

Australia is one of those countries, known for its extreme weather conditions which could trigger at any point in time. If it drizzles then it does at its peak or if it’s summers then you surely would like to rush to the nearest beach areas or opt to set up your patios for summer parties, get together and bar-be-que nights at the poolside. Overall the weather conditions require you to be prepared for all kinds of mood be it the rainy days, cold weather or hot climates. It is, therefore, a prerequisite for Aussies to have fireplaces and ventilation systems at home so when the time comes they could do away with the weather while sitting at the warm corner of their houses. Log fire heaters are quite famous to add aesthetics and warmth to your house as compared to its alternatives. Aussies tend to be very touchy about their living places and spaces, therefore, they choose their solutions very carefully. Log fire heaters though look absolutely fine and beautiful but they require way too much maintenance and care to serve the purpose at hand.  

Considering this, there has been introduced an alternative to fire log heaters which are based on gas and runs economically and efficiently comparatively. Besides, you do not have to be attentive to its maintenance and care but when it comes to safety then it stands constant for all options of heating systems. Aurora Climate Systems have been serving the masses with quality gas based log fire heaters across Australia. Their best part is the efficiency of the system which is derived from the patented technology making people save good bucks of money on utilities. There are however certain safety measures that one must take into consideration for smoother and long-lasting operations of their heating systems.  

Clearance Zone 

All fireplaces or gas log fire heaters come with clearance zones, requiring you to keep the easily flammable items or objects away from that area limit in order to avoid any mishaps and accidents. Though technology has made these items safe to operate and handle despite it is better to take care of fire picking at such spots. Do not the place, newspapers, wood, books, drapes, and other flammable items near the glass window or too close to the firebox.  

Scheduled Maintenance 

Gas based log fire heater Australia though require less maintenance as compared to its wood-based counter option but it is still preferred to run scheduled maintenance at the fireplace to ensure that everything is working fine as it should be. Generally, people get the fireplaces checked on an annual basis but the best time to do the job is right before the winter when you would have to turn on the fireplace for the first time.    

Safety Screen 

Even though gas fireplaces come with safety glass to separate the firebox from the outer environment but the gas inside gets hotter and could harm the habitats if safety measures are not considered especially if there are kids in the house. Because when they would touch the glass separator it would give them burns or bruises. It is therefore important that you incorporate safety mesh to prevent serious burns.   

Double Glass Upgrade 

You can also opt for the double glass safety panes in order to control the temperature of panes to avoid any haphazard. It is a good consideration for gas log fire heaters in Brisbane as the inner glass absorbs the heat while outer glass minimizes the extent of it to touch. Not every gas heater comes with this upgrade, it is up to you to add extra efficiency and safety to the fire system at home or workplace.  

Guide The Children  

It is important to guide the children about the risks of playing around the fire area and also, tell them not to touch the hot glass pane especially when the flame is burning. Because no matter what you do or how many safety measures you take in place it would always come down to the behavior of children which would determine the extent of the risk posed to them.  

These are the common safety measures but surely take away the major risks factor from the screen to provide you and your family with a basic and well taken care of safety.