Ideas for Decorating Kids Playrooms and Bedrooms  

Designing your kid’s bedroom or a playroom doesn’t have to break the bank. There are simple and easy ways to create an area your child would love to be in. Here are several budget-friendly and easy-to-do ideas for decorating a children’s playroom or a bedroom: 

Use Fun Paint Colours  

Don’t use drab or muted colours for the kids’ room. Parents can have fun here and use bright colours that children respond to well. Colours like yellow are suited for rooms when the children are small. Older children may like colours like sky blue, bright pink, or watermelon red. Choose a charming colour that adds character to the room. Light colours are preferred because it will make the room look brighter. You can certainly combine colours and contrast shades with wall paint and furniture colour.  

Add School-Like Storage  

A playroom or a bedroom should have plenty of storage space. It avoids clutter mainly and also lets parents teach kids about tidiness. It can be tricky to add storage to small children’s rooms. One excellent method is to use metal lockers alternatives, like those found in schools. These lockers Adelaide are suited for rooms of children already in school. They know where they keep personal things at school. It can help them keep their playroom or bedroom tidy when they are at home as well.  

Think of Unconventional Shapes 

You don’t need to buy furniture for children’s rooms as you would do for an adult. Think outside the box here. Why not buy your child a pirate ship bed or octagonal study tables? Unconventional shapes can spark children’s curiosity and interest them to spend more time in the rooms playing. Therefore, don’t always go for the most obvious when it comes to decorating a children’s room.  

Offer Bins and Other Items to Practise Tidiness  

Adults can keep things in a cupboard, but kids might not. If the room is for toddlers, then it should include plenty of storage bins. Use the bins to teach children who to put away toys after playing. In the bedroom, include a laundry bin. Children, even older ones, may not bother to place their things neatly in assigned cupboards. So storage baskets and bins are a great option when you want to keep the rooms tidy on the long term.  

Ask for Their Input  

Don’t forget to ask what they want when designing the room. Do they have themes in mind or colours? Most of their input would be unworkable or outrageous, but that doesn’t mean you should wholly ignore what your kids want. You can base decorating ideas on the children’s input. Involving them in the design process would be a great learning session as well.  

Try a Theme  

You can base all the decorating on a theme. But this can drive up costs. Choose a generic theme if possible so that you can still have matching items in the room without inflating the budget.  

When decorating, always keep safety in mind. Consider the age of the children who will be using the rooms. If the children are under 3, then the rooms should not have any small, grab-able items or wire cords. Furniture that kids can climb and fall out of should be avoided as well. If the children are very small, consider using soft storage boxes or furniture. Now, with safety and above in mind, you can go on to design an amazing kids playroom or a bedroom.