Iconic Structures In Brisbane

The transformation from prisoner’s colony to today’s elegant yet rich in culture metropolitan city of Australia, Brisbane architecture has covered a long way up till now! Sneak Peak from the history of Brisbane depicts that there were many penal colonies that have been vanished and replaced with high-class architecture buildings representing entirely new and impressing look of Brisbane. The Brisbane architecture undergoes a successful transformation as compared to its first convict structure of 1828. The present ancient buildings ruling nowadays have a past that shows the inception of its predecessor as well as the architectural styles on which these historic buildings in Brisbane were shaped. Now in the current time, they show some of Brisbane’s iconic milestone. If we take into account the history of the penal colony, we came to know that there are two historic buildings left as a historic icon. An amazing icon from the past that has been the center of interest for many people from inside and outside of Australia is Queenslander.                  

By observations made from the Queensland Heritage Register, one of the two buildings that remained as a historic icon is the Windmill Tower that is also famous under the title of the Brisbane Observatory or the Old Windmill. It is considered as a State Heritage building. Turning pages of history illustrate that it was constructed in the time span of 1828. It has been given the title of “oldest windmill tower of Australia”. Another interesting fact about Windmill Tower shows that it was in use for wide range of reasons over the years, from grain grinding, to timekeeping, and even as a radio and telecoms station. It was registered as a heritage site in October 1992. 

Custom houses are considered as the backbone of the architecture of Brisbane that was built back in the timespan of 1889 in almost every major port of Australia. In the twentieth century, the same custom houses went under the Commonwealth government custom service, and nowadays these are under the possession of the University of Queensland. This is the place where most of the concerts; Summer Concert Series, take place. Furthermore, it is a must-to-go place for parties and functions. An amazing thing about these custom houses nowadays is that many restaurants have been opened nearby. People usually love spending time along the riverside of Brisbane. Custom House has now become sought more place for many riverside restaurants.   

Another iconic building of Brisbane that was built in 1862 named as the “Old Government House” has been the oldest building that is a few steps away from Botanical Gardens. This building served the state of Australia as an administrative and social centre for round about 150 years. At the start of the twentieth century, this office building was taken under the possession of the University of Queensland. Later in the mid-twentieth century, it stood under the title of the most significant building of Brisbane. This interesting landmark of architecture has a sequence of arches and columns that went a paramount reconstruction in 2010. 

The Barracks that was earlier famous as the “Petrie Terrace Police Depot”, served the Brisbane as police barracks from the nineteenth century to the mid of the 1980s. The same place that used to be the area of law enforcement turned into the fancy places of today’s era like restaurants, bars, and recreational source like cinemas. Police Depot was marked as the historical heritage in the last decade of the twentieth century. This place also has comprised of a significant portion of history including the Brisbane Gaol, Police stables, and Police garage. The world notorious Brisbane Gaol that initially started off well to serve humanity but later on with the passage of time it turned out to be the place where prisoners were sentenced to death. Nowadays, this notorious Gaol has changed its purpose and provide recreation to the visitors, the photographers try to capture the concept of convict structure through their lens. Moreover, many events took place there like people love to come here for celebrations like parties, weddings etc.       

It obviously took a century for the state of Brisbane to get over this penal community to turn into a place worth living. And now the place that used to be notorious has been a part of their history and depict the icon of Brisbane architecture. If you are planning to spend some time with ancient buildings or want to flood your Instagram with amazing photography or want to know how they lived during that time, then pack up your bags for the tour of this curious wonderland.