How To Plan Your Restaurant Opening?

How simultaneously exciting and scary it is to embark on a new venture and open your own restaurant. All your hard work culminates in the restaurant’s grand opening; it sets the tone for the space. He is a few tips for planning your restaurant’s opening.

Get all the good stuff in one place

If you’re in the stages of sourcing your infrastructure and facilities, network resource sites like Hosbay connects restaurant, bar and hotel owners with high-quality equipment. It will help ensure you source the right equipment for you and the best prices and saves you from sourcing your partner’s from various different vendors.

Pump love into the heart and soul

If your restaurant was a body the kitchen would be the heart and soul. Making sure you have the right kitchen equipment is essential to keep in the heart and soul of your restaurant working and working well. Make sure you use a reputable vendor and do your homework before choosing a company to partner with when it comes to your kitchen equipment.  This is not an area where you want to cut corners or cut costs. Investing in quality second hand kitchen equipment will ensure that your investment sees you well into the future and operates well for a long time.

Light the way to success

The correct lighting is essential the right ambience in space. Try your best to avoid harsh overhead lighting and opt instead for soft light. Soft lighting can be achieved by having several different smaller light sources dispersed across the space. Placing candles on tables or having smaller lamps on bars and other display surfaces help to create mood lighting. You can also try fairy lights or twinkle lights to create a relaxed mood. Be sure to abide by safety regulations when it comes to the installation of electrical appliances and ensure candles are used safely and correctly.

Set the night up right with mood music

Music is also a very effective way to create the perfect mood in your restaurant. You might have heard the anecdote that fast food establishments tend to play fast up-tempo music, subliminally influencing patrons to eat faster and not linger for conversation, increasing their turn over rates and this making higher profits.  The right music will help convey your brand identity and even influence the mood of your patrons. If your objective is creating the most pleasurable dining experience, opt for music that is soft and melodic without being monotonous. The volume is also key, you want it to be loud enough to drown out the sound of potential chaos in the kitchen, but not so loud that restaurant goers can’t hear each other speak across the table.

Does the whole team know the drill?

Take time to train your customer-facing staff to be patient and courteous as they represent your business to the world and must reflect the brand and brand values at all times. This doesn’t mean they need to be stiff and rigid about your rules, but must be warm and professional and understand how you want your customers to experience your business. Remember the customer is always right.