Getting Dressed For Success

Style has changed and morphed into many different things over the years. Men’s style even 30 years ago would be seen as outrageous and very odd if worn by someone nowadays. What a man decides to wear can say a lot about him and can give off to those looking in from the outside ideas about you and what you may be like. As an example, if you were to dress more casually most of the time people may assume you do not have an office job but if you often dress quite formally people may be inclined to think that you do have an office job. 

Why you should wear one 

Mens long sleeve shirts Australia are one of the most amazing and versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your wardrobe as a man. They can be dressed up and worn at a formal function such as a Gala or special dinner date and can even be dressed down and wore casually for a simple trip to the mall or a lunch with the family down by the bay. They can be found on Style Shirts and can be made out of many different fabrics and can have many different colours and patterns on them. Every man should own a shirt for both formal and casual occasion as it will help you to take your attire to the next level. 

Configurations of shirts 

There are so many different configurations that long sleeve shirts can come in from different colours to different patterns and fabrics that it can be made of. If you are looking for a shirt for a more casual occasion you may want to purchase a shirt in lighter colour such as a light blue or maybe even a salmon. If you are purchasing a shirt for a more formal occasion you may want to get one in a darker colour such as charcoal or black. For casual occasions, you can even purchase shirt that have patterns on them but you should not wear a patterned shirt to a formal event. 

Events and occasions to wear shirts 

At an event such as funeral the only to appropriate options of shirts to wear are black or white. There are many different ways to dress up a shirt and they all work in different situations from the others. You can wear a shirt to formal events under a suit and in this situation your best bet would be to go with either a black or a white shirt but if you are feeling more wild like you may feel at a matric dance you could spice it up a bit and possibly wear a blue or pink shirt depending on how funky you are feeling. For more casual events you can wear almost any colour of shirt under the sun and you can combine that with almost any pattern as well. You will also have the choice of wearing your shirt tucked into your trousers for a more old school, classic look or untucked for a more modern casual look