From Subway Tiles To Large-Format Tiles And Back Again

There are a lot of different types of floor covering options on the market these days, from vinyl to linoleum to vintage wood and lovely carpets – the options are plentiful and the choices sometimes difficult. Deciding on what room in your house your will have covered in what material can be one of the tougher things to undertake, because the flooring is fixed in. It’s not like a new couch, which you can put there and then move here, testing which area looks best. No, this is a one-time thing, unless you decide to go with another makeover of the flooring in the distant or near future. 

Knock on wood 

The tilers Parramatta have on its records will be the first to admit that the several options, in terms of fashion in the housing industry these days, has wood-looking tiles leading the line. These are great because although they come with the look and in some cases the feel of wood, they don’t come with the daunting upkeep of needing to sand and varnish every so often. This is a really good convenience, affording you all the benefits of faux wood without the difficulties of genuine wood that has tripped builders and house dwellers up time and time again. 

The bigger scale stuff 

Large format tiles are a sight to behold. They are really great for big rooms, which has indoor landscapes filled with plush furniture. Doing this in white or off white or a cream colour looks really good and fancy. The glint reflected by large format tiles makes hotel living all but real in your very own home. This will make you really comfortable in your house and you will be the envy of your friends who come to visit you in the day time or even the night time when the natural light has changed to artificial lighting – and therefore gives your tile work a different look. 

In the kitchen 

Kitchen tiles offers you the opportunity to get a bit more inventive with patterns and sizes and colours. Some people go ahead and use an assembly of tiles as a splashback for their cooking area, instead of a resin sheet or other. Here, it is advisable to again go with tiling that does not require too much grouting, if any grouting at all. You don’t want oil and other splatter sitting in the grouting for days on end, attracting bugs and other. 

The gloss of a subway tile – in black or white – can really make the kitchen pop. These are timeless as well as currently fashionable and popularised by kitchens on television sets and movie shoots all around the world. You too can have this for your home and it is not as unaffordable as you might think. Look into the pricing options and payment plans and you will come to see that this is achievable for you and your bank balance. It won’t break the bank and in time to come, once put into the house, will be very pleasing.