Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Car Technician?

Some people have it in their blood – the excitement and ability to find where the issue lies and make their way through the hundreds of small sophisticated parts of the mechanism, to restore its proper functioning. Not many have the skill or patience to do the work of an automotive technician. Even if you seem to have these basic requirements, are you really fit for the job? Read below to find out.

We are providing you with a checklist that isn’t always intuitive. This job is a complex one and calls for more than training and certification.


  1. Vehicle type or brand-related expertise

Usually, each person holding this job has a significant amount with a certain type of vehicle. It could be sedans, historical models or perhaps trucks or vans. It could also be a specific brand. Customers tend to go for mechanical repairs Canterbury that are already customised for the brand they own. If you have a favourite, then do not hesitate to learn more about it and to hone your skill. There are many Go A Grade repair shops, dealerships or car sale lots that are looking for specialised staff. Therefore, knowing more than the average employee about a specific car or vehicle type might just get you further.


  1. Physical fitness

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder, but keep in mind that such job requires you to stretch underneath cars, bend over and so on. It’s a difficult work and if your bones hurt, if your muscles are sore and your joints inflexible, then you may face real trouble getting it done. After all, you have to finish your work soon enough to keep your clients pleased and enjoy what you are doing. Try to be fit and in good health.


  1. Health requirements

In fact, the requirements are more specific than just being fit. You need good eyesight, because you’ll be working with loads of tiny components and missing small details, such as fissures, can have terrible consequences. Also, your hearing must be reliable, because you’ll have to listen to engine sounds, for example. You must be able to pick on the subtle differences. Thus, your senses need to be sharp enough.


  1. Communication skills

You think it will be just you and the cars? Think again. In order to reach the best solution, you must listen carefully to the client. They will tell you details about what troubles them and what outcome they’re hoping for. Don’t simply rely on your ability to solve the issues. What the client wants is of great importance. Then, you are expected to speak to them about the process and what it entails. A great deal of communication is thus needed and, if you’re not good at it, they might just choose another repair shop.


By making sure to meet as many criteria on this list as you can, you boost your chances of finding a great job in the industry and of securing a pleasing salary. Once you do, you have the possibility to grow and to increase your earnings, because this job totally allows it. At some point, you may even wish to apply for additional training, which comes easily, considering there are many online courses, as well as opportunities to practice.