Different types of shipping containers

Have you ever wondered that what a world would look like if there were no vehicles or transport system? Surely we cannot even imagine living without the existence of vehicles. We are living in the twenty first century where we have been introduced with different kinds of vehicles for different routes. There are vehicles for the route of sea, for the route of road and for the route of air. All of these vehicles have shortened the distances and have made it easier for people to travel from one place to another within few hours or days. There is also a facility of transporting products and belongings from one place to another. This is carried out by the process of shipment and this shipment is done by the use of containers. In this article, we will be discussing about the different types of high cube shipping containers


Let us try to comprehend the idea of these two terms individually before understanding the whole concept of shipping containers. Shipment is basically the process in which food items, heavy products, machinery and other such stuff is transported from one location to another. This shipment can be carried out through sea by the help of huge cargoes or ships. Besides that, shipment is also done by road with the help of huge sized trucks. There are different types of shipments which differ on the basis of distance they cover. There is international shipment in which product is transported from one country to another. Then there is interstate shipment in which goods are transported within a same country. Other than these, there is local shipment in which stuff is moved within a same area but from one location to another. 


Container is the rectangular shaped enclosed box that is mainly composed of metal. It is used mainly for two purposes which are for storing goods and for transporting products. We get to see many Lego shaped structures on the side of the road. Those Lego shaped structures are actually colourful containers that are stacked upon one another. The size of the containers may vary from about eight feet to approximately forty feet. Besides the size, containers also differ on the basis of their functionality. 

Different types of shipping containers: 

As we have well understood the term shipping containers up till now so let us discuss the different types of shipping containers.  Huge variety in shipping containers can be found. There is a type of shipping container which is known as refrigerated shipping containers. These containers have installed refrigerated system so that the inner temperature of the container remains zero degree or below that. Such containers are used for the purpose of storing such goods which can get damaged or expired if not stored in a cool place. Mostly food items and drinks are stored and transported through shipping containers. Then there are dry shipping containers. As the name indicates, dry shipping containers are the enclosed shipping containers that are meant to store and transport dry products. It is one of the most commonly used shipping containers.  

Other than the above mentioned shipping containers, there are double side door opening shipping containers. These are the containers that can be opened from both sides of the container at the same time. It is quite easy to load stuff on such containers and a person can easily unload from such containers as well. Open top container is yet another type of containers which are opened from the top. Such containers are meant to transport vehicles from one location to another. Other than these containers, there are one side opening shipping containers, insulated shipping containers and many more. 


Shipping containers are the huge sized metal boxes that are used to store good and to safely transport it from one location to another. This shipment can be carried out within a country or outside the country as well. There are different types of containers which differ on the basis of their size and their functionality. There are refrigerated shipping containers, open top shipping containers, double side door opening shipping containers and many more. “Container co” lets you to buy or hire the best quality of shipping containers.