Creating the bathroom of your dreams!

While interior design is something that didn’t usually concern much of us that much a couple of years ago, nowadays it is impossible to design our home without it. Without having properly thought out our vision for our home, we can end up with a muddled mess where nothing really goes together and looks perpetually messy. With the right planning, however, we can create a home where everything is seamlessly blended well together, to create the perfect ambiance. One of the most important, yet oft overlooked areas of the home are the bathrooms. These are easily one of the most used rooms in any home, and therefore it makes sense that we take care of them well. However, most of us tend to see bathrooms as purely functional areas, and so we end up neglecting them. This, however, can lead to many issues. After all, there can be nothing more unappealing than a grimy, dark and gloomy bathroom. It can ruin the whole feel of the house, and can make the whole place seem unkempt and dirty. There are several factors that we need to keep in mind to make sure that we do up our bathroom well, and the most important part are the tiles.  

Characteristics of bathroom tiles 

Tiles are much more than just a surface – they help define the whole feel and look of our bathroom. Of course, their protective function is very important too. It is vital to have tiles that are non-slippery, so that we can go about our business without being afraid of falling down and hurting ourselves. This is made all the more important in households that have kids, as children can easily get seriously hurt if they go to the bathroom alone. It is very important to do our homework then when it comes to picking out tiles. Dark tiles can create a moody atmosphere, which can be great if we know how to work with it. Complimented by vivid and eye-catching decorations, this can be a lovely look for a bathroom. However, it can also make smaller spaces look even smaller and create a suffocated atmosphere.  

Beauty of mosaic tiles 

If you feel that the dark tiled look isn’t one for you, you can opt to get mosaic tiles in Brisbane that can be a lovely and out of the box option for those of us who truly dare to be different. There can be a wide range of options in mosaic tiles, ranging from different patterns to colours which can go with any theme that we wish. Mosaic tiles can offer a touch to our bathroom that is both modern and quirky, while also very traditional and timeless. Mosaic tiles have been around for ages but have only recently been used the way that they should be, so that they really shine and look great. We can choose the size of tile based on our requirements as well. Experimenting with the size of tile, alongside the patterns can help us create a bathroom that can truly be a spa experience.  

Benefits of high-quality tiles 

Apart from mosaic tiles, tessellated bathroom tiles in Sydney can be yet another fancy, timeless and elegant yet modern option for your bathroom. The unique pattern for these tiles is extremely memorable and can help you create your dream home. These tiles are of the highest quality and can last you for ages, without suffering from any wear and tear, chipping or fading. In addition to this, they can be very easy to clean letting you make sure that your bathroom is always spic and span. These tiles can come in a wide range of colours as well, with warmer colours helping you create a cosy, classic and warm atmosphere. However, delving into brighter colours can also be an option in tessellated bathroom tiles because the unique pattern lets the colour never get too overwhelming.  

At Tessellated Tiles you can find the most gorgeous bathroom tiles that can really help you up your game and have your house look absolutely stunning. The patterns of these tiles can bring out your inner artist, as you can play around with all sorts of textures, colours and patterns in order to create the look that you want and the look that really stands out.