Consider safety as vital, while transporting pets to an international destination!

Transporting pets overseas from Australia, if not difficult, is certainly a sensitive matter. It is not just important from legal perspective; pet transport is a concern of safety of animals and birds. Afterall, you do not want to compromise health and safety of animals you love so much as to considering them as part of your family. 

So, while planning to relocate animals and birds to a new country, consider their safety in addition to many other factors, and here are some ideas how you should approach this ambition and project: 

Know laws of the new land! 

The moment you decided that your dog, cat, parrot or any other pet would be relocating with you to a new country you are going to make your home for any period of time, you should start knowing and learning about animals’ laws in that country. Cat & dogs are just general examples, the rule applies more to less commonly known animals, many of which are exclusive to Australia. For example, Australian parrots. So, you should know beforehand whether your new country has any restrictions in keeping at home those animals or birds. 

Even before that also know if you are allowed to transporting pets overseas from Australia. The pet transport might not be permitted, as in case of some exclusive species. Once you know and understand laws of your prospective land, and that your pets are allowed there, you are all good to go ahead with your pet relocation plan. 

Plan in advance! 

Once you are all set to go ahead with your transporting pet overseas from Australia plan, do followings: 

  • Get your pet or pets examined by a vet. Ask if your pets require any vaccination. 
  • Get your pets vaccinated for general protection or any particular weather or temperature sensitivity. 
  • If law of your new country requires certain vaccination of your pets before departure, get it done. 
  • Get certification and record for vaccination of your pets, which you would need to show on arrival in your new destination. 
  • Even when your pets do not require any vaccination have them examined by your vet to find about their general health and condition. They should be healthy and fit to transportation. 

Also, try to find out about local climate and temperatures level of new country to see if they are conducive for living and flourishing of your pets. Some countries have extreme summers and winters. Your pets might not fit in in that environment. 

Do not consider transporting pets overseas from Australia if you feel their health would be in danger due to changing weathers. It would be a risky proposition and you should try not to take that risk. Keep health and safety of pets on mind. Another important aspect to pet transport is its cost. You would need to allocate some funds to get the job done. 

Pet transport services! 

Before you are all set and packed, seek services of a transporting pet overseas from Australia company. They know and understand how to handle pet transport to a new location, inside and outside of country. They would advise you on all aspects to pet transport, from container to other safety steps, to make the journey comfortable for the animals or birds. You would also come to know about cost of pet transport and other expense such as custom duty if any and more. You can add up those to your total budget to see if it stays feasible. 

The service that specializes in transporting pets overseas from Australia, would know about details such paperwork and meeting of regulatory challenges and advise you accordingly. It is important the entire experience of pet transport should be convenient for you, and hiring a professional service would make it possible. 

Allow enough time between your departure and pet transport so that you are able to receive your pets yourselves on their arrival to your new destination. It would minimize chances of them being left unattended if you arrive later than your pets. On arrival, get your pets examined again by a local vet. It would ensure their timely vaccination too, if is necessary or required by local laws. Vaccination and general support would help your pets to better come to terms with local weather and environment. Vaccination can help strengthen their immune system to easily and successfully go through the phase of transition, from one environment to another.