Bringing Back Vintage Mirrors In The Classiest Way Possible.

When we think about retro mirrors, we probably have a mental image of a wall mounted round glass with a gothic, yet elegant border/ frame. Well… that is pretty much exactly what they are.
If you thought of the old Snow White dialogue (“mirror mirror on the wall…”) going through your mind when picturing such a piece of furniture, it is not surprising, you aren’t the only one.
Mirrors in general, have the ability to tie a room together in the most tasteful way possible. As with painting, mirrors have the ability to give a certain depth, if you will to a room. For example, putting it in front of an open area may give the illusion of your place looking bigger than it actually is.

Mirrors are more than a surface to check your reflection in from time to time, they are capable of being a chic addition to your furniture if you place them correctly and tastefully, and in this case, provide a retro touch to your home. 

Furthermore, if your walls are starting to look a little bare and empty for any reason, consider going for vintage mirrors Perth to add a spec of glamour to them all the while leaving them looking a little fuller than they previously were. Not to mention better!

Moreover, if you find a lack of lighting in your rooms, considering adding mirrors to bring a reflective surface in for more light to reflect off of as well as brighten up the room. Yes, mirrors will make your rooms brighter!

To really top it all off, try and match the retro frame in a way that will be mutually beneficial to the rest of the furniture in your house. For example, if you have white couches and grey walls, consider going for a black frame Vintage Mirror in order to really bring out the personalities of all your furniture in a way where they each stand out, yet at the same time manage to blend yet complement each other, together in an artistic way. 

Where artistic wall hangings fail, mirrors as such can be a good substitute. If you aren’t feeling the art on your walls all that much, consider going for a mirror as it is functional (reflective surface) as well as artsy in its own way.

On the subject of art, consider adding some sort of lights over, around or behind the mirrors in a way which would highlight the borders giving it the standout ability which will greatly add to the charm, yet keeping it so simple, yet so elegant at the same time. This will bring a modern touch to your retro piece in a nice amalgamation, wait no, nice is an understatement really.

Moreover, mirrors in general, are a great benefit to your Feng Shui. Adding a stylish mirror to your house can be considered to bring positive vibes, as mirrors are a representation of water in Feng Shui. Strategically positioning a mirror in order to give a reflection of something beautiful inside or outside the house can be a great benefit to the overall atmosphere in the house. Perhaps positioning it in a way where it reflects the greenery of the garden? That way it will also bring some color into the room.

Adding a mirror to existing vintage collections will provide a mutual marriage of class and taste within your house. Perhaps adding it on top of one of dressers or counters in order to really bring out the personalities of both the furniture pieces.

Mirrors are great to have within the house as they add function yet an artistic touch to your home design. Especially with the Vintage/ Retro design on offer in stores, you will be able to pick up a truly elegant piece of glass. 

Go on over to the catalogue and pick one out from the furniture shops Perth for yourself today! But remember to try and match it to your furniture as best possible!