Best way to safeguard cyber crime risk

In late 1990’s, businesses/firms has radically changed their number of processes in order to streamline standard operating procedures. The main thing which has contributed towards this restructuring was automation of controls by taking a dramatic shift towards online business. Yes, in these days, irrespective of the size of a business, almost every corporate entity is communicating and making massive transactions with their customers through their online web-pages. As on one hand it has dispensed an ultimate ease and comfort to the corporate world, attention should be given that there are also some risk factors involved too. One of an utmost risk here is cyber-crime risk. Usually, cyber crime activities involve a) hacking attacks b) destruction or loss of data c) interruption of business activities due to hacking attacks on web-portals d) theft of confidential data e) networking issues etc. Note that all these factors can dramatically change or affect an overall dynamics of a business. In order to apply a best solution, no one can deny that a mere remedy is cyber security insurance. People sometimes ask, what one can fetch after opting this option. For these kind of questions, one should have to ponder on following critical elements: 

Covers limitation of traditional coverage 

Traditional or conventional view about cyber insurance only covers the cost of a server. However, everyone knows that the data itself is much important than the cost of the server. One would be glad to consider that modest option available for cyber security insurance also covers a)  liability of a data loss b) cost of fines and penalties/ regulatory levies c) remediation cost for breach etc. It means that this aspect will also take care to make your loss good with respect to data loss too. Here main thing one should consider is that they also take care to recover the loss in case of data breach. No doubt, for these purposes, budgeting the expense for data breach loss is very difficult. Because of their expertise, experience and skill set, they also provide you best safeguards which protects your online business and trading. 

Not a substitute for data protection 

No matter how wide coverage you have obtained, there is always a need of data protection. This is because data protection is a best way to circumvent hassles in routine trade. For example, in case of any data breach, all your claims and indemnity would get processed but this will might take an ample time. During this time span, you might have to bear unfavourable situations. As everyone knows, large scale businesses under their routine trade make cash transactions for millions of dollars, no one can afford to abandon this cycle of trade. It means that you still have to incur a cost for maintaining of internal control or expensive software’s which can protect your confidential data.  

Why e-hiring 

E-hiring of a reputed or specialist insurance company is a worthy and blissful option. This is because especially for marine insurance services are concerned, you have to know this reality that every policy is different from other. Not only this, terms and conditions of similar policies for different businesses/industries may also differ. In order to remove any kind of confusion, it is wise to engage an experienced service provider so that one can read the policy in detail before taking any decision. Also, under this mode, it would be easier to initiate and execute favourable negotiation with these suppliers. Most importantly, you will always be in a position to evaluate experience and reputation of your supplier very easily.  


Apart from its number of limitations such as a) not a substitute for data protection policies b) terms and conditions might not cover losses caused by third parties etc. denial should never be drawn on this fact that it is a best and most lucrative safeguard which you can arrange for your online business. Moreover, if anyone compares cost of annual insurance premium with the benefits derived, it can be argued that going before this valuable option is a worthiest value addition for your business no matter you are operating a manufacturing concern, working in service industry or large retail outlets/wholesalers, hospitals etc.