Air Conditioner Blunders To Avoid This Summer

There is nothing more difficult and uncomfortable in summers than the heat itself. The matter becomes worse when you switch on your air conditioner thinking that it is going to be your saviour, but it turns out to be worse than you expected. On the flip side, the AC might be giving you a cool breeze and delivering just what you expected, but your bill wouldn’t be. Yes, we know the feelings that you have whenever the electricity bill arrives at the beginning of every month. We understand this, because we have gone through it and wanted to save ourselves from this hassle as well. Due to this mutual pain that we had to go through, we have decided to walk you through some common mistakes that might be reducing the efficiency of your AC. If you just read these carefully and decide to implement them, you will definitely see the major changes in your bill, less wasted energy and greater comfort as well. 

The first mistake that people commit is opting for an AC unit that doesn’t fit their requirements. Every air conditioning Croydon unit is designed as per its particular capability of the amount of ‘air space’ matching its specifications. This means that the unit you have fitted in your room can be too small or too big, varying the requirement you have. If you have committed this mistake, and want to rectify & correct it, follow the common rule of thumb. It might sound like a jargon, but is simple; every square foot of room space needs 20 BTU paired with 600 BTU per person (who occupies the room). BTU is the standard British rating for keeping thermal units in check. You may have to increase the requirement of your rating depending on the sunlight it gets, the length of ceilings and if there is any leakage etc. 

Another quite simple mistake people these days commit is they keep their AC on at all time. If you leave for work at 8 AM and come at 5 PM, the ideal temperature for your home should be 72F. Additionally, there is no sense for you to keep the air conditioning all day long. Want to know a simple trick? Just switch off your AC whenever you leave the house, and turn it back home once you are back. You will not only have effective cooling throughout your time at home, but the bill will slash by a huge margin as well. Similarly, you might come home after a long day at work and from excessive heat, and the usual thing will be to crank your AC all the way down to 65F. Right? Wrong! Air conditioning doesn’t work this way. So, whether your room in 70F or 90F, the unit itself is going to pump out the same strength of cool air. The temperature setting only affects when the total room temperature is exceeding the set standard. Changing the setting from 70F to 65F won’t cool the room better. Just set the unit to your ideal temperature and let it do the work for you. 

Most people tend to use only fans when the weather is a little hot, and they switch to ACs when it is bearable. For most of them, fans and ACs both are an either-or situation. However, this shouldn’t be the case. ACs work well when they are paired with fans, especially ceiling fans. They help blow out the air equally in all directions, hence cooling out the entire room in equal proportions. Moreover, you need to be extra vigilant with the care of your air conditioner during summers and time of excessive use. The particles floating in the air start building up in your filters, hence destroying its capability of emitting out the clear air properly. At worst, a dirty filter can increase your energy bill by up to 15 percent. Therefore, a clean filter is extremely crucial for your unit’s efficiency and optimal bill.  

You need to clean your Air conditioner every now and then, & in between the seasons as well. Do not neglect it completely, if it is not in use. A completely neglected unit can atrophy and at worse, stop working completely. Similarly, always see that all the windows and doors are shut completely, there is no leakage system or an outlet for the sunlight or heat of the outside to shun your AC units. With these simple tips & tricks, and by being extra vigilant, you can make your summer pleasant without having a constant frown on your forehead on the thought of an impending bill.