A World Without Trees – The Future of Mankind 

Do you know that there are around 3.04 trillion trees on Earth. If statistics are to be believed, more or less 15 billion trees are cut down each year. Do you get an idea of where we are heading? Can you fathom the totality with which forests and trees will be destroyed if we continue deforestation the same way? Yes, you can! It won’t take long for Mother Earth to be completely devoid of trees, and if we are to come across highly startling information, more than half of the trees of the Earth have been destroyed since its inception. We all know what the consequences of a tree-free planet would be. Oxygen, which is the basic element required for the survival of mankind, is produced through photosynthesis in trees and other plants on land. Not the entire stock, but half of Earth’s oxygen come via them. If the trees were to face extinction, the oxygen level would be lower. It wouldn’t be enough for the humans to survive, in a longer run, a mature leafy tree produced oxygen for as many as ten people in a year. However, it is still up for speculation as to whether the total quantity of the trees is still the mentioned, the escalating downfall of forests with time, and the ever-increasing human population. It means that we can think of a deteriorating timeline even further. 

Next time you order Tree removal services Geelongkeep in mind that the air we breathe in right now can also become responsible for the destruction of a healthy lifestyle. Trees act as giant filters, which help cut down on pollution levels and help get rid of suffocating smog. The outdoor air pollution has been causing immature deaths worldwide. Now only imagine removing the trees and forests will have on the humankind. Air pollution will rule the world, and clean air will become an amenity only some can think of breathing. With the pollution, the temperature will automatically start to increase to alarming levels. Since trees soak up the carbon dioxide, and their extinction will cause the gas to emit and oxygen to slash down. The air pollution will increase and the over-production of smog will fluctuate the temperature of the Earth and will tip the mercury to the hotter side.  

Removing trees may also reduce rainfall, which might initially seem like a blessing for all those who hate drenching. Once there is a shortage of trees or with the extinction of forests, lands would quickly dry out as they will be devoid of any moisture. This is already alarming, as in the recent past, we have witnessed the major countries around the world facing heat-related problems and deaths. Similarly, frequent weather events such as flooding has also started to surface around the world. This is only going to intensify with the passage of time. Without trees, there would be nothing to hold the soil together with the roots. This means that a rapid soil erosion will occur, and the heavy rains would easily be able to slosh away the soil. The remaining soil will be filled with dangerous chemicals and pollutants that are initially filtered by the trees. So, anything that grows under the Earth will essentially prove to be extremely difficult. There would be no food growth and nothing for the animals to eat. This just might be the future we are heading into.  

The idea of a world devoid of trees is not only grey, but near to horrible as well. It is accepting that we are all set to remove forests and any chances of healthy lifestyle from this planet. Humans have always adapted to the changes and to the environment around. So, even if they find ways to survive in extreme weather-related events, less healthy food and dirty air, would it be a world that the humans of today will be interested to live in? We all know the answer! 

Whenever there is a tree springing out of our beautiful flower-filled yard, we are quick to call Terrific Trees tree removal services to completely root out the tree. However, if we are wise and start to act wise, we know that a little beautification will do the intended work. Don’t kill trees! 500 or 1000 years might look like an unsure and big number, but this is what the humans same years ago must have been thinking while creating the menaces that are destroying the planet now.