8 Steps To The Perfect Garage Sale

If you want to clear out your home and score some extra spending money to supplement your usual income, a proper garage sale can be a great way to get it done. This time-honoured tradition gives your family a chance to come together and get organised, while raising some much-needed cash. If you’re planning to arrange a garage sale this summer, follow these tips to be sure that it all goes perfectly.

  1. Get the junk out of the house. When you’re going through your home and choosing items to sell in your garage sale, you’re bound to come across plenty of things that you don’t need or want anymore, but you know won’t be worth anything for the sale. This is a great chance for junk removal in an eco-friendly fashion. Use Super Cheap Rubbish Removal to clear some space so you can organise and plan in peace.
  2. Set the date wisely. Certain times of the month are naturally more lucrative for garage sales. Choosing a weekend right at the beginning of the month will usually get you more customers, as people have more money to spend after payday.
  3. Divide your merchandise. Once you’ve gathered up enough items to sell in the garage sale, Separate them into categories, putting clothes together and so on. Make sure you consider each item carefully – if you can’t bear the idea of selling something, put it aside and reconsider later. It often helps to have kids choose their own items to sell from their room to avoid fights further down the line.
  4. Price reasonably. It’s easy to set the price too high when you have a sentimental attachment to an item, but you have to be realistic about the kind of cash people will be willing to part with at a garage sale. Visit other sales around you area to get a sense of what the average prices are, and check out how successful their pricing strategy seems to be; then you’ll be able to plan accordingly.
  5. Price everything. If customers have to come find you in order to get a price for an item they’ll be less likely to walk away with a purchase. Make it as easy as possible for customers to buy by putting price tags on every piece you hope to sell. Using coloured stickers with the price written on is simple, easy to do, and works well.
  6. Be prepared to haggle. Most customers come to garage sales with the expectation that every price is negotiable. Unless you’re really firm on a price, be prepared to negotiate and haggle your way to a sale.
  7. Do plenty of advertising. Nobody will come to your garage sale if they don’t know that it’s happening. Advertise the event with posters around the neighbourhood, ads on social media, and even an ad in the local newspaper. Don’t forget to include all of the necessary information, like the address and times of the sale, in every ad.
  8. Make it fun. If you give your customers a reason to hang out for a while, they’ll be more likely to spend some money. Set up a refreshments stall, play music, and create a fun party environment that will make people want to stick around.