5 Ways CRM Makes Your Life Easier

Are scribbling your client’s information on your business pad so you can use them for later? Are you forwarding your co worker your client database through email, so they can get a better understanding on how to service them? Well, managing the client and business map can be really complicated so it’s better that you move from under your rock into the 21st century. Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the solution you need. It connects all your departments from marketing to sales to human resource so that their notes and all related information are organized into one interconnected system. You won’t have to step outside CRM to fetch client information, make calls, create reports and schedule meetings which are really a lifesaver. CRM works on a cloud based system so all you really need is an internet connection and voila, there is all the information you need before you walk into a conference room for a meeting or visiting your client on a sales call. CRM can be the difference between you winning a deal or losing it. You can make use of its real time notifications to see how your clients use your webpage which leads to an increase in sales productivity and much better coordination among your firm’s departments. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are, you can make use of CRM. Here are five ways CRM is good for you: 

Enhanced Customer Relations 

From a prospective lead to a loyal customer, all the progress is recorded and saved in your CRM system. These insights will help you in the future to anticipate the needs of your clients and will put you in a better position to recognise how to proceed in doing business with them. 

Lesser Data Entry  

While spreadsheets demand the same old boring data entry, CRM aims to minimize it. It allows you to automate dull tasks like creating leads from signup forms or sending welcome emails to new leads. 

Healthier Pipelines 

Pipeline management helps your managers to understand a lot of things. It helps them predict future sales also calculate specific statistics like the aggregate sales velocity which tells you the rate at which you turn an incoming lead into a paying customer. Plus, it helps them analyse the sales process and identify the weak spots. It helps you prioritize deals and remain committed to your bottom line. 

Better Communication 

CRM is a structure that ensures that there are no information gaps. There is a single source for all the information that every member of your team gets which guarantees that your client will hear one consistent voice from your firm. 

Higher Revenue 

With an upgraded client management system, you’ll be able to get a well rounded view of your customers at all times. This allows you to cross sell and up sell at the right moments which ensures a higher success rate. Furthermore, your marketing department can make use of it to plan campaigns and respond to tickets better using a sales context.

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